Our Local Bylaws outline the Committee responsibilities and composition. The Local Executive may create ADHOC committees when the need arises, following the guidelines of the CUPE National Bylaws and the Constitution of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

By Laws Committee

Brett Campbell


Sandra Shank


Violet Maurice Bainbridge


Labour Management Committee

Brett Campbell


Sandra Shank


Mike Turgeon


RPN Committee

Cynthia Jackson


Abel Farrah



Bargaining Committee

CUPE Local 139/139-01

Brett Campbell

Sandra Shank

Terry Maki

Adele McMillian

Brett Nesbitt



Health & Safety Committee

The Hospital is still in the process of confirming the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee structure. Currently, we have JOHSC at the Main Site, Sudbury Kirkwood site, Devonshire Site, a representative for the West Nipissing Ambulance site. The King street site is currently attending the Main site meetings at the moment. The members of this committee are mandated to police and move to make appropriate reccommendations to address the health and safety issues arising at North Bay Regional Health Center sites.

In the event that you have concerns with the health and safety within any part of the workplace, take the time to contact one of the committee members to follow up and correct. We all work in these facilities so it is also our responsibility to ensure that we all are safe in performing our daily routines.

Your CUPE Health and Safety Representatives:

NBRHC Main Site:

Lynn Phillips, Cynthia Jackson

SUDBURY Kirkwood Site:


King Street Site:

Devonshire Site:

West Nipissing Ambulance Site Representative:


Modified Work Committee

The Return to Work Specialist Committee

We assist with work related or non work related Return to Work, Modified Work, Accommodations and Attendance Support meetings with Occupational Health Nurse, Doctor, Attendance Support Consultant and their manager. We represent the member and ensure they understand their rights and obligations. Please contact the union anytime you need representation to attend a Modified Work meetings.

Sandra Shank (Lead)


Lynn Phillips (RTW)


Pam Gauthier





Redeployment Committee

Brett Campbell