Bargaining Survey

Hello, Please remember to fill out your survey, dead line is April 12th.


The Local may distribute the link/QR code for the bargaining survey and message below with the membership

CUPE Local 139 Bargaining Survey

Dear CUPE Local 139 Members:

The Ontario Council of Hospitals of Unions (OCHU) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) bargain a central collective agreement with 55 Ontario hospitals, representing over 50,000 affiliated members across the province.

In the coming months, OCHU will be entering into bargaining with the Ontario Hospitals Association (OHA) and our respective Employer to negotiate revisions to your Central Collective Agreement.

Central bargaining covers most issues: general wage increase, employment security, seniority, contracting out, health and safety, grievance procedure, benefits, sick leave and much more.

Some issues, however, are deemed “local issues” and are bargained by your local union. These issues include wage adjustments where there is evidence that they have fallen behind their comparators, scheduling, uniform allowance, sick leave administration provisions, vacation scheduling and others.

Your bargaining team would like to hear what your priorities are. This survey is one of the primary ways we gather information before bargaining. We need your input to help set our local priorities at the bargaining table.  This survey is designed to gather the necessary information to assist us in making your local collective Agreement provisions optimal.

The deadline for submitting your inputs to the survey is April 12, 2024, at 11:59PM.

Please be assured that the information gathered in this survey will not be shared with the employer. The results will remain anonymous and be kept confidential.

Collective bargaining is always an important time for our members and an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard. Please answer all the following questions and help position us in the best way possible to achieve a fair Collective Agreement.

Thank you,

CUPE Local 139 Executive and Bargaining Committee




Kyla Cheff

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Pharmacy Meeting for CUPE Members

A meeting will be held for the CUPE Pharmacy Members on Friday October 27, 2023 at 7:00 pm

Location will be in the Auditorium at the Hospital

Hope to see you all there

Brett Campbell


CUPE Local 139

Did You Know

Hello Members.

The executive has been made aware that a petition has been circulating around the hospital about allowing members to work more than 7 consecutive shifts in a row and that Cupe members are being approached to sign this petition.

 This petition is not from the Union, imagine your employer having the ability to schedule you to work 10 or 12 day stretches in a row, we all know 7 day stretches  are bad enough and you should be careful what you sign.

The explanation given by those who are circulating the petition to our members as to why they should sign this document has not been vetted by the executive or Cupe national and will hold no bearing on the outcome for bargaining, nor will it affect the  process put in place by the Cupe Constitution that must be followed when bargaining for our entire membership.

Please feel free to reach out to your executive for clarification how the bargaining process works.

Thank you

In Solidarity we stand

Brett Campbell