The CUPE Return to Work Specialist are available to assist members with sick leaves, long term disability and work related injuries or occupational diseases.

Know your rights and obligation!

If a work-related injury or occupational diseases occurs:

  1. Seek medical aid immediately.
  2. Report the injury or occupational disease right away to the supervisor.
  3. Complete the REDs online reporting system.
  4. Complete a workers WSIB FORM 6. Always report injuries that require healthcare (more than a bandage) to WSIB.Here is a link to aide you in filling out the form: Workers Guide to Completing WSIB FORM 6
  5. Provide the Employer with a copy of the completed WSIB FORM 6

NOTE: All appeals are handled by a CUPE National WSIB Representative. A local CUPE Return to Work Specialist will be the liasion for the member.

Workers Exposure Form

Complete when you have experienced an exposure. 3958a_workerexposureincidentform

The form should be completed when the worker does not become ill or lose work time. This is a tracking method that is voluntary.